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After more than a year of planning and preparations on the 19:6:19 the first Official Spinning® studio in Ubud, Bali opened its doors. With an incredible community growing and a home for like minded expat locals of the island, finally a space had been created to 'pedal, bend and lift' their way to a brighter, fitter and better self.


In what can only be described as a shocking and tragic discovery, after only 3 months of being opened PEDAL was no longer. On the 12th of October Tash (the owner) arrived to the Saturday 8am class with many of the regular riders  to find their beautiful studio and 23 state of the art Spinner® Chrono™ bikes burnt to nothing more but a pile of ashes. The studio did not have insurance and the cause of the fire is unknown.

The shock and reaslistaion of what this means for PEDAL, its members, and all those who know Natashia, that without having insurance or anything in reserve to start over, the global community is coming together to do all they can to support a true rising from the ashes. 


After what will be a a much needed period of healing, grieving and recovery the community behind Tash and her team are determined that PEDAL will be back but only with a universe of miracles and an army of warriors.


If you would like to support any of the fundraising initiatives, donate to the GoFundMe page or even perhaps conduct your own ' Help Pedal Rise from the Ashes" follow the links provided below. 

There is also a FaceBook Group where you can post, share and connect with the PEDAL Phoenix Support Crew who are looking after directing these initiatives. 

Tash understandably herself is mostly offline for the time being, so please direct any questions, request to assist via the Facebook Group or use the links below for Tami and Esther.

Heartfelt gratitude to all who are contributing and supporting. We are at the beginning of a long journey required to recreate the PEDAL dream again, but we hope with the support and love of the global community this Phoenix will Rise from the PEDAL Ashes. 


If you have your own fundraising idea, event or initiative for PEDAL 

how you can support the rise from the ashes...



To support the rebirth of PEDAL visit the fundraising page created by the global Spinning® Community. Please know that no amount is too small or too large. If you prefer direct deposit use the link says "Other Option" to request alternative donation options.

Other Initiatives 

If you have your own fundraising idea, event or initiative to assist Tash and her team rise from the ashes, please connect with the global Community offering their suggestions and support via these facebook pages and groups.

Contact an Angel

If you would like to connect directly with one of the PEDAL Phoenix Angels please use either of the email contacts below. Please note Tami Reilly is U.S & Global, Esther Kaijim is Bali based. You can also email



what it was and what it will be again...

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