PEDAL is outdoor cycling delivered in an indoor Spinning® experience. The creator of the indoor cycling genre of fitness, Spinning is the original indoor cycling program based on exercise science, road cycling and an intimate mind body connection to music. 

Our classes are all led by our team of highly passionate Spinning instructors and their supportive coaching on the premium and Spinner®Chrono™ bikes by Precor.

These state of the art bikes not only give you a real road bike feel but also calculate the riders power communicated in watts in real time and KJ burn  - for tangible and measurable progress from ride to ride. 

All our PEDAL classes finish on the mat to complete the ultimate and complete physical, mental and emotional experience. 


Yoga is more than just a physical practice of asana based poses, it is a state of mind, a way of living, being in all we do, think and say. Here we say the ancient tradition of yoga is in fact not that dissimilar to the meditative trance like state we can access when we are Spinning. 

The sweetness of coupling the movement and intensity of cardio vascular training on the bike with the varying styles of yoga off the bike, truly is one to be experienced.

With slow flows, nourishing and nurturing restoratives and even the powerful pathway of meditative breathwork - we truly believe we have created the an ultimate fusion and balance of body, mind and spirit in one class format. 


Strength Conditioning is a vital and essential for all human bodies at all ages. We appreciate that having time to get to the gym can be tough and or even intimidating. At PEDAL we cater to those who want the strength gains their daily routine is missing and we fuse them together with the ride.

We offer a variety of SC add ons where we focus on larger muscles groups and compound exercises, or smaller isolation exercises for the areas folks love to target which often get forgotten. 

We even have a HIIT style format of session where if the ride isn't enough cardio we combine cardio and strength exercises off the bike for the ultimate butt kicking session.



Class categories & descriptions

No longer will you need to find hours in your day to fit in all your favorite styles of practice or fitness, at PEDAL we have leading teachers and instructors who will guide you from heart pumping exhilarating Spinning® rides on the newest and most update to date cycling technology of the Spinner® Chrono™ bikes by Precor with comprehensive data and performance markers of power generated during each session and Kilojoule expenditure.


Our riders have the choice between our various styles of Yoga or bodywork strength training focused classes after each ride. We will have also focused endurance classes of just ride only sessions for the real ride lovers who just want to get their sweat on and they KJ’s out.

Pedal, bend and lift yourself to the fittest and hottest version of YOU!


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